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I have always said that I would not have a television be my babysitter, which is why I had only a very basic cable package when the kids were younger. I wanted them to have PBS mainly, and I wanted the main network channels for prime time TV shows as well as the local news. When they got older, they started to get interested in other programming that was not available on our cable package. My oldest son did some research and asked me to look at http://www.direct-satellite-tv.com/directv/georgia/ one day not long ago.

I knew that he wanted to be able to watch more sports channels, and he explained that Directv has a good bit of sports programming on it, including the NFL Sunday Ticket. He also pointed out that they have the channels that my other two kids wanted. I was not concerned about them watching television too much anymore because they are all older, and I knew that they would not turn into couch potatoes. They would rather be out playing with friends or reading, but there are times when they do want to sit down and just enjoy watching some TV shows or a good game too.

I looked at the prices to make sure that we would not be paying a lot more than what we already were for our cable package, and I was surprised to see that the cost was not much more at all. That is really saying something, considering we will get hundreds of more channels, plus free programming like the Sunday Ticket for a year. It did not take long for me to decide that this was the way to go, and we had it installed just a few days later. The kids are enjoying it a lot, and I have even found a new few channels that are quickly becoming favorites for me too!


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