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After reading so much Ukraine News, I’ve been determined to ensure that my family will be prepared if such a disaster ever strikes us. Preparing an emergency kit for the family can bring instant attention or cure in case a family member gets injured at some point during disasters. It pays to be prepared so any big disaster will not catch you off guard. A disaster kit is actually easy to prepare. You just need to sit down and take time out to prepare one. First, make a checklist of the things you might need when that bad day comes around. Gather the supplies you have identified and put them in a place where you can easily see and reach them.

Make sure you include these six essentials in your disaster kit: first aid materials, clothing, water, food, tools, and bedding. Just think of other stuff related to these things that can be helpful to you. First aid kits should include sterile gauze and pads, aspirins, antacids, scissors, and wet tissues. Prepare water that will last up to three days in case power and water lines are badly severed. This is about a gallon per person.For food, have canned goods ready enough that can sustain your family for the next three days. Non-perishable foods are best to have since power outage can take time to reconnect.

Plan at least two exits from every bedroom (think window ladders from 2nd floor rooms), and consider all exit plans from the perspective and height of young children. Along with the exit plan, you should also determine places to meet both nearby and distant in case the family is separated. Every family member should have a contact card listing all the phone numbers for all family members and out-of-town relatives or friends, office and workplace addresses, and the meeting locations mentioned under escape routes.


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