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In a couple of months I shall be retiring after a very long time with a single company. I started out in the basement sorting mail and ended up with a somewhat important management role. In the past 22 years I have not really taken my vacation days all that much, so I have to start burning them up. My wife and I are thinking about taking a holiday after the New Year, with the idea now that we shall look at Mediterranean cruises from bristol, preferably something leaving England around the start of December. We should like to take a couple of weeks to see some warm place with a bit of culture. It would be preferable if there was not quite so much of the excesses that some holiday goers engage in. I am all for dancing and having fun, along with the occasional drink at the Pub. However I do not think we would enjoy a bunch of hormone charged young people staggering about and being loud and crude.

I have always wanted to see Spain, but honestly we already have a dedicated holiday planned for next Spring when we both have all of the time in the World. For all of my life I have saved money and made very conservative investments, so I have quite a nest egg with which to live the rest of my life. Berta and I have decided to travel a lot while we are still young enough to do it. We intend to see Spain first, so it shall probably not be a good destination for this particular holiday. Instead we are deciding between the Greek isles and Italy. Mostly we are wondering which will be most fun if we leave from Bristol. It seems as though Spain would allow you more cruise in two weeks, but I do not know how long a ship takes to get to some place.


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